DiviGo Wallet Manager

Have you ever imagined yourself in a world where your only wallet is your mobile phone? No Credit Cards, No Cash, just click and pay!

Multiple connections

DiviGo gives you connection with every service from your mobile phone, no difficult logins, no tricks!

Wallet Features


Set transaction limits with ANY 2-factor authentication method you prefer to keep your funds secure. It’s your money and our job to keep it safe!


24/7 See your balance, send your balance, receive funds ... no time limits, no user limits, nothing to stop you, at any time from getting out!


Welcome to heaven! We allow you to deposit in the easiest manner for you! Using the interfaces available to update / send / use your balances deposited!

Multi-currency Capable

We currently support over 180 currencies around the whole world, feel free to deposit in your favorite and always stick with it! DiviGo gives you the freedom to choose your favourite!


We have developed state-of-the-art systems which allow your favourite currencies to continue to earn you rewards on what you are holding! We like to call it Auto-Earning.


We are always here to help. Our customers have a dedicated support line, if you need anything, at any time, we are always here to help!


Returns your wallet balance.


Begins transfer process.


Topup phones around the world!


Edit 2-factor authentication.


Allows you to set or update your username.


Returns information to deposit.


Allows you to set your favourite currency.


Allows you to refer your friends.


Puts you in touch with DiviGo Customer Support.


How the lottery works .... AUTOMATIC :)


How earnings are distributed.


Displays the current market prices.


See how well your wallet is performing.


Query account history for your wallet.

How To Use DiviGo

  • Send any message to us at 13103621773 or if you are on your phone, click here.

  • Chose your favourite currency.

  • Chose your favourite username.

  • Start using DiviGo!

Frequently Asked Questions

We continually update our FAQ list to ensure it is always here to answer before you can ask! If your question is not answered here, please let us know.

DiviGo is a custodial staking and wallet management solution. It allows users to readily transact without the need for a full wallet. Our staking pool also allows users to stake, without the need for a desktop computer, or the minimum normally required.

Your funds are secured with enterprise-level server security. All messages are protected by end-to-end user encryption. You are also able to set up 2-factor authentication through DiviGo to offer further security.

DiviGo is developed and maintained by Divi Labs SRL, and is an Encke Technologies designed platform. It is built to add to the overall ecosystem.

Pooled staking simply pools everyones funds, and runs as one wallet. When the pool wins a stake, it is distributed to all users, proportional to their share of the pool.

We do not have a set fee structure, as we are constantly re-working the formula to increase user returns. Fees are taken off the stakes won, before they are distributed, and there is no up front cost for using DiviGo.

There is no need to do anything! All DIVI held in DiviGo is automatically staking. Simply send DIVI to your wallet, and watch it grow!

We offer the option of establishing transaction limits, secured by 2-factor authentication. WhatsApp also offers their own security measures, all of which we suggest users establish.

Due to the stochastic nature of staking, we cannot promise percentage yields. However, we will publish the performance of our service, so users themselves can see just how profitable we are!

How can we Help?


Do you currently use the system, if so please click the button below to be connected to support! Otherwise, we are more than intesrested to hear your questions and assist with anything we can, please feel free to contact us at any time!